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Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Item Code: DeepClean
Price:  $55.00

Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Item Code: DeepClean
Price:  $55.00
  • 100ml
  • Deep Clean is a thoroughly cleansing gel that minimises dehydration and dryness by protecting the epidermal lipid barrier.
  • Fruit acids encourage epidermal renewal by assisting in the exfoliation of dead skin cells.
  • L-lactic acid is a powerful hygroscopic agent, and improves skin hydration by attracting and sealing water molecules into the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • L-lactic acid also facilitates skin exfoliation by encouraging the bonds between the cells of the stratum corneum to dislodge, thereby allowing dead skins cells to slough away.
  • Deep Clean also protects against environmental aggressors via its inclusion of potent antioxidants such as Canadian Willowherb™ extract and Botanical Complex SCA™.
  • Not suitable for use around the eye area.
  • Use AM or PM or as otherwise instructed by your skincare professional.
  • Dispense 2-3 metered pumps into palm of hand, emulsify with a little warm water and massage into skin for atleast 30 seconds using gentle circular movements and rinse throughly. 
  • Repeat this process if wearing makeup or water resistant sunscreen.