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Multi B Plus Serum

Item Code: BplusSerum
Price:  $130.50

Multi B Plus Serum

Item Code: BplusSerum
Price:  $130.50
  • 30ml
  • Like Vitamin C, the B vitamins are useful for every skin type.

  • When taken internally, all of the B vitamins work together to promote a healthier you and when used topically they help your skin be healthier.     

  • Using Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum topically, you’ll experience improved skin tone, hydration and radiance but most importantly you will be turbo boosting all your other serums. For this reason, Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum should be added to any skin care routine.

  • Niacinamide, combined with sea plants,  is the main ingredient in this product, working to normalise the skin’s pH and increasing blood flow to the skin and in doing this it minimises moisture loss, regulates oil production, controls melanin to prevent pigmentation and decreases and soothes inflammation.

  • It is particularly helpful for congested, acne skins as well as if you are suffering with sensitive, dry, irritated skin, or rosacea.

  • Apply a pea sized amount to clean damp skin after other serums.
  • Follow with your moisturiser. Use morning and evening.
  • Recommend applying sunscreen during the day to protect skin against sunburn and premature ageing.